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Sep 2019

September 21, 2019 WCR

September 24, 2019

Trump And Giuliani Reportedly Told Ukraine’s President Zelensky Procure Dirt On Biden And Son; Their Leverage Was Kiev’s Urgent Need For Disbursement Of $250 Million Earmarked For Ukraine’s Defense Plus Share Of $770 Million Destined For Military Construction In Europe; Such Quid Pro Quo For Corrupt Purpose Is Impeachable Abuse Of Power, But Will Pelosi Ever Act?

Trump’s Lawyers Ask New York Federal Court To Shut Down Manhattan District Attorney’s Bid For Don’s Tax Returns; Indictments, Subpoenas, Or Probes Against Incumbent President And His Entourage Are Illegal, They Claim; Strategy Appears Based On Roman Jurist Ulpian’s Infamous Dictum “What Pleases The Prince Has The Force Of Law,” c. 200 AD; 

In Move Ominously Similar To Liquidity Injections During Cash Crunch Of August 2007, Fed Will Offer $75 Billion In Repos Each Day For Three Weeks To Shore Up Money Market Plumbing; Another Harbinger Of Chaotic October!; Will Labour Party Conference Finally Oust Feckless Corbyn, Declare War On Brexit?; Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong Or Greta: Which Is The Hero Of Our Time?