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Sep 2019

September 18, 2019

September 19, 2019

146 House Democrats Are Now On Record Supporting Impeachment Process With Only 89 Opposed, But Pelosi Is Escalating Her Sabotage Of Measures To Oust Trump; Nadler Steers Course To Save The Country!

Speaker’s Policy Of Cowardice Is Also Blocking Impeachment Of Barr, Probe of Epstein’s Death In Federal Custody, Contempt Citation For Hooligan Lewandowsky, And Hefty Fines For Recalcitrant Witnesses; She Ignores Grievous Damage Wrought By Trump Every Day, With Pompeo Claiming U.S. Sees “Act Of War” By Iran; Pelosi’s Malpractice Parallels Corbyn’s Refusal To Declare War On Brexit; BoJo Again Wilts When Confronted: Father Of Sick Child Accosts, Excoriates Premier For Austerity Damage To UK National Health Service;

Fed Loses Control Of Overnight Lending Rate As Interest Rate Rockets From c. 2% To 10%; Over $200 Billion Injected To Calm Repo Market In Continuing Crisis; 

The Shame Of Venal U.S. Media, Who Fawn Over Apocalyptic Fables Recited By Swedish Activist Greta, But Boycott Epic Struggle Of Joshua Wong And Protesters Of Hong Kong Against Worst Totalitarianism In Human History!