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Sep 2019

September 17, 2019

September 18, 2019

Feeble Attempt To Blame Iran For Explosions At Saudi Refinery And Oil Field: “Senior U.S. Official” Tells CBS News Saudis Were Hit By 20 Drones And Cruise Missiles From Known Locations In Southern Iran, At Northeast End Of Gulf; Obvious Question: Why Then Were Missiles Not Identified As They Crossed The Gulf? Absurd Answer: Because Saudi Radars And Missiles Are All Pointed South To Meet The Houthi Danger And Were Therefore “Useless”!; Only Kuwait Allegedly Observed One Missile In Its Airspace;

World And National Mistrust Of Trump Is Overwhelming; Gen. McCaffery Doubts U.S. Will Retaliate; Don’s War Guilt Based On His Wanton Junking Of Iran Nuclear Accord

Trump Crony Netanyahu’s Party Loses Ground In Israeli Election; His Grip On Prime Minister’s Office May Weaken; Arab Voter Turnout Is Heavy; 

Joshua Wong Testifies On Capitol Hill; If Hong Kong Is Stripped Of Special Status, City’s Favored Treatment By U.S. Will Be Lost To Dictator Xi