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Sep 2019

September 16, 2019

September 17, 2019

Mysterious Attack On Saudi Arabian Refinery And Oil Fields Cuts Kingdom’s Output In Half; World Oil Price Jumps By 12%; U.S. Blames Iran But Provides No Proof, Encountering Much Skepticism For Trump Regime Version; Is This Sarajevo?

Houthi Rebels Claim Responsibility, But Action Appears Beyond Their Financial, Logistical, And Technical Ability; How Could Predator-Like Drones Or Cruise Missiles Fly Undetected For Hundreds Of Miles Amidst Scores Of U.S. Warships, Airbases, And AWACS?; Iraq Denies Its Airspace Was Violated;

Cui Bono? Positive Potential For War Avoidance After Bolton Ouster Now Neutralized By Crisis; Perpetrators Other Than Iran Must Be Scrutinized: Putin Incessantly Foments Conflicts; When Netanyahu Has His Back To The Wall, As He Does This Week, Anything Is Possible In Middle East; And Don’t Forget The Saudis Themselves; Most Eloquent Refutation Of New York Times’ 1619 Theory Is Over 400,000 Union Dead; 

Joshua Wong At Hill Hearings On Hong Kong Tuesday 10am In 419 Dirksen, Broadcast On C-SPAN3 And C-SPAN Radio