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Sep 2019

September 14, 2019 WCR

September 17, 2019

Defeat of Mini-Duce Salvini in Italy Is Already By-Product of Bolton’s Departure; Dangers of China Appeasement More Acute

Democratic Party Is Seriously Disoriented and Off Message; Ultra-Left Posturing on Guns and Immigration May Impress Mush-Head Base but Risks Enabling Permanent Trump Dictatorship; Debate Lacked Stress on Trump Crimes and Strategy for Removal, with Impeachment Never Mentioned; Still No Dem Program for Job Creation, FDR’s Strength and Hillary’s 2016 Achilles Heel; Bernie’s Plan to Confiscate 160 Million Health Insurance Policies Is Political Suicide Under Present Conditions; Pelosi’s Rejection of Impeachment Now Being Used in Court by Trump’s Lawyers to Block Emoluments Probe; Speaker’s Blatant Opportunism Becoming Serious Liability!

Hong Kong Democracy Leader Joshua Wong in Washington Tuesday September 17 After Successful Visit to Germany; Persons of Good Will Must Support Hong Kong Against Tyrant Xi and His Legions of Greed Around the World; Hong Kong Has Already Appealed Directly to Trump for Support – Will He Finally Respond?