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Sep 2019

September 12, 2019

September 13, 2019

China’s Bid For London Stock Exchange Would Give Them Control Of Milan Bourse As Well; Will Premier Conte Continue With Sellout Of Trieste To Tyrant Xi?; London Metals Exchange Already In Hands Of Beijing; Trump Weakness On Parade With Announced Two-Week Delay In U.S. Retaliatory Tariffs; European Central Bank Lowers Rates Deeper Into Negative Territory, Reaching Minus 0.5%; New Round Of Quantitative Easing Starts With € 20 Billion Monthly; 

Nadler Committee Votes To Press Forward With Urgent Impeachment Probe Against Trump; Barr Attempting To Indict McCabe To Please Individual One, But Did DC Grand Jury Just Say No?; Pelosi Must Launch Probe Of Epstein Death;

Warren Backs Plan To Increase Social Security Checks By $200 Per Month, Paid For By Top Earners And Employers; Paranoid Set And Foreign Bots Peddle Absurd Line That Warren Is Tool Of Wall Street, Just At Moment When Bloomberg And Wall Street Journal Signal “Stop Warren” Campaign, Portraying Her As Threat To Wealth Of The Opulent!