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Sep 2019

September 11, 2019

September 12, 2019

Trump Wants Return To 2008-2015 Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) For Speculators, Zombie Bankers, And Hedge Fund Hyenas; No New Investment In Infrastructure Or Production Is On The Table; Attacks On Powell Serve Push For Second Term in 2020, Not Jobs!

Scottish Court Finds That BoJo’s Advice To Queen On Suspending Parliament Was “Unlawful” And “Egregious”; Members Demand That House of Commons Re-Open At Once; “Buccaneering Britain” Remains Essence Of BoJo’s Strategy To Create Low-Wage, Deregulated, Money-Laundering Sweatshop In Service Of Dictators On Edge Of EU; BoJo Regime Forced To Reveal Current Contingency Plans For No-Deal Brexit: Shortages Of Food, Drinking Water, Medicines, Complete With Riots, Transport Chaos, And Nursing Home Shutdowns As Foreign Workers Are Expelled; Pathetic Labour Party Boss Corbyn Again Rejects Demand That He Condemn Brexit And Fight To Stay In Europe; 

Breaking: Hong Kong Stock Market Wants To Buy London Exchange, Creating World’s Biggest Market – And Exposing The Secret Of Brexit In UK As Chinese Satellite!