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Sep 2019

September 7, 2019 WCR

September 9, 2019

Trump’s UK Clone BoJo Checkmated As House Of Lords Approves Commons Bill To Outlaw No Deal Brexit; Multi-Party Rebel Alliance Pledges To Block BoJo’s Monday Bid To Call General Election Before October 31 Deadline!
Senior Labour Ministers Tell Corbyn To Set Election Day In November; Labour Brands BoJo As “Manifest Liar,” Says First Priority Must Be To “Stop No Deal”; EU Signals That Deadline Can Be Changed To Outfox BoJo;
Global Warming Fanatics Mistake Real Existential Crisis Of Our Time: Over 360 Million Have Died Of Poverty And Curable Disease Under Globalization; 40% Of Humanity Lives Below Poverty Line; One Third Of All Human Deaths Are Related To Poverty; Immiseration Kills 18 Million Each Year, Including 10 Million Children Under Five, While A Billion Kids Are Chronically Malnourished; These Are Real Deaths, Not Projected Ones; To Dodge This Reality Is Morally Insane!
Consumer Fraud: FDR’s New Deal Never Harmed Working People, But Bernie Admits Spurious “Green New Deal” Will Cause “Pain”;
#ImpeachmentSummer: 137 Dem Votes For Proceedings!