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Sep 2019

September 5, 2019

September 6, 2019

UK Premier And Trump Clone BoJo Reeling After Two Days Of Rout; Even His Own Brother Quits Cabinet Team, Saying BoJo Violates National Interest; House Of Lords Won’t Filibuster Bill Outlawing No-Deal Brexit; Tory Splits Brewing; Labour Opposition Must Block Approval Of All Bills To Schedule Snap Election Until After October 31; BoJo Demanded Five Weeks With No Parliament, So Let Him Stew In His Own Toxic Juices Until After Halloween!

The Roots Of Trump’s Demagogy In The Writings Of Graeco-Roman Sophist And Cynic Lucian Of Samosata (125-180 AD), A Best Seller Who Taught How To Cultivate A Glamorous Image Through Gambling, Womanizing, Elegance, And Boasting; Lucian’s Core Values Included Ignorance, Recklessness, Effrontery And Especially Shamelessness As Defense Against Detractors; Trump Also Draws On “Kayfabe” Histrionics Of Professional Wrestling! 

Trump’s Low Point Of July-August: His Threat To Kill 10 Million Afghans!