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Sep 2019

September 4, 2019

September 4, 2019

In Major Defeat For Trump Clones, UK House Of Commons Outlaws BoJo’s Disastrous No-Deal Brexit Policy By All-Party Vote Of 327-299; London Will Ask EU For Extension Of Departure Deadline Until At Least January 31; Measure Now Faces Obstructionism By Reactionaries In House Of Lords, Where It Must Be Approved Before BoJo Sends Parliament Home On Monday; BoJo Says He Will Defy Law!

BoJo’s Demand For Oct. 15 Snap Election Is Also Defeated; His Debut In Parliament Is Worst For Any Prime Minister In Recent Memory; Purge Of Tory Rebels May Split Party; Election Gambit Is Camouflage For Illegal No-Deal Brexit!

To Break BoJo’s Demagogic Stance Of Brexit By October 31, Calling Next General Election Must Be Postponed Until November; Pro-Democracy Forces May Need To Accept Short-Term Caretaker Government Under Labour’s Corbyn, Whose Majority They Will Control; Much Support For Second Referendum; Salvini Definitively Excluded From New Italian Government!