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Sep 2019

September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

BoJo Loses His Mojo!

Aspiring Dictator Of UK Deprived Of His One-Vote Majority By High Profile Party Defection; 21 Tory Rebels Then Help House of Commons Seize Control Of Own Agenda With All-Party Effort: Vote Wednesday Expected To Outlaw Fascist No-Deal Brexit Policy!

BoJo’s Fake Talks With EU Exposed As Cynical Hoax; He Demands Snap Election, But Lacks Two-Thirds Majority Needed To Ram It Through; 21 Tory Rebels Being Purged Overnight, Decimating Top Leaders Of Party; Labour’s Corbyn Wisely Resists Offer Of General Election, Demands That No-Deal Brexit Be Banned First; Antics Of Supercilious Brexiteer Plutocrat Rees-Mogg Show Real Class Content Of This Government: Contempt For Working People And Parliament!

Breaking: Italian Government Coalition Of Democrats And Five-Stars Taking Shape, With Exclusion Of Demagogue Salvini Completing Panorama Of Populist Rout!