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Sep 2019

August 31, 2019 WCR

September 2, 2019

Eight Centuries Of English Parliaments Come Down To Next Week: Would-Be Dictator Boris Johnson Must Be Ousted In Interest Of Civilized World! #StopTheCoup !
BoJo’s Putsch Plan: De Facto Dissolution Of Parliament Before September 12, Followed By Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit; After Yellowhammer Leaks, BoJo Gang Goes Paranoid, Starts Purges; Britons Fight Back With Legal Actions In England, Scotland, And Northern Ireland; Large #AntiProrogation Demonstrations In Cities And Towns; House Of Lords Readies Filibuster To Block Shutdown; Labour MPs Call For General Strike; Smash And Grab For Dictatorial Power Could Happen At Any Time: If Parliament Is Sent Home, No Guarantee It Will Ever Reconvene!
In Amicus Brief On Gun Issues, Sen. Whitehouse et al. Warn Supremes To Halt Reactionary Rampage Or Face Restructuring!
Happy Labor Day To All; The American System Will Return On Tuesday September 3