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Aug 2019

August 29, 2019

August 29, 2019

#StopTheCoup: World’s Oldest Parliamentary Tradition Faces Destruction By BoJo’s Gang Of Scurrilous Toffs; Next Week Must Save Mother Of Parliaments From Rape At Hands Of Blonde Beast!

Shortened Time Frame Requires Passage Early Next Week Of No Confidence Bill By Tory Rebels, Labour, And All Opposition Parties; BoJo Lacks Majority For No Deal Brexit; Court Cases In Scotland And England Target Artful Dodger BoJo’s Mendacious Advice To Queen; In Merest Hint Of Brexit Carnage, 24 Banks Are Preparing To Leave UK For EU, Taking With Them $1.3 Trillion In Assets; Argentina In Default; U.S. GDP Falls Short Of Trump’s Big Promises; The Day Democracy Died Triggers Pro-Democracy Protest Movement Across Britain; Leeds Demo Demands Revocation Of Article 50 Exit Law, Ending Brexit Episode; General Strike Needed!; Second Conte Government In Rome Marks Defeat For Aspiring Duce Salvini, Who Has Lost 15 Percentage Points Of Popularity; Among Salvini’s Few Loyalists, The Hungarian Viktator Orban!