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Aug 2019

August 28, 2019

August 28, 2019

Threat Of Dictatorship Stalks Atlantic World: In Assault On Rule Of Law, Trump Reportedly Tells Aides To “Take The Land,” Confiscate Property, And Act Illegally To Build Border Wall As Election Gambit; Pardons Promised For Those Who Get Caught; Violation Of “Take Care” Clause Is Impeachable!

In Attacks On Labor, FBI Raids Top Leaders Of United Auto Workers During Final Phase Of Contract Talks With Big Three Auto Makers; ICE Raids On Koch Food Plants In Central Mississippi Were Counterattack On United Food & Commercial Workers After Key Court Victory Over Management In Harassment Case;

In Attack On Parliament, UK Premier BoJo, Enabled By Queen, Wants To Send House Of Commons Home From September 12 To October 14; Goal Is To Strangle Resistance To His Catastrophic No Deal Brexit On Halloween; Speaker Of Parliament Bercow Condemns “Constitutional Outrage”; Breaking: Rep. Al Green Will Force Fourth Impeachment Vote Next Week!