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Aug 2019

August 27, 2019

August 27, 2019

UK Premier BoJo Says He Will Not Pay £39 Billion Exit Fee To European Union; EU Commission Warns That This Is Legally Binding Payment; Result Will Be Deemed Formal Default By Great Britain, Easily Triggering World Financial Panic; Treasury Yield Curve Reacts With Worst Inversion Since 2007!

In London, Labour And Five Other Parties Pledge To Back Law Preventing No-Deal Brexit; Vote Of No Confidence To Oust BoJo Seen As Second Priority; Leaders From House Of Commons Warn Of Threat To Democracy From BoJo, Pledge In Church House Declaration To Keep Meeting If He Tries A Coup To Send Them Home;

Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal Program Is Dangerously Incompetent; His Windmills And Solar Cells Are Not And Cannot Be Economically Viable; “Renewables” Lack Energy Flux Density Needed To Handle Base Load Consumption In Modern Economy; Obvious Solution Is Nuclear, Which He Excludes With Demagogic Arguments; Other Dems Must Distance Themselves From This Approach Or Face Second Term Of Trump; Swedish Climate Ideologue Greta Thunberg Will Soon Arrive In New York On Yacht Of Pierre Casiraghi, Prince Of Monaco!