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Aug 2019

August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

Trump Can’t Decide If Tyrant Xi Is Enemy Or Great Leader; Macron’s Charm Offensive Heads Off Don’s Usual G-7 Tantrums

Era Of Central Banks Is Finished; World Needs National Banks In Alexander Hamilton Tradition; Now That Fiscal And Monetary Stimulus Have Failed, What Remains Is Credit Stimulus, Starting With $5 Trillion In Zero Percent Century Bonds Backed By Fed To Rebuild U.S. Infrastructure; Similar Program By European Central Bank Would Save EU; 

At Jackson Hole, Bank Of England Boss Mark Carney Demands Replacement Of U.S. Dollar As World Reserve Currency With Supernational Bitcoin-Style “Global Digital Currency” Funny Money; Idea Fits With BoJo’s Free Trade Brexit In Service Of Russia And China; Current Gambit Repeats Lord Keynes’ Loopy “Bancor” Scheme Proposed At Bretton Woods Conference In 1944 To Save Bankrupt British Pound Sterling; Another Reason To Stop Brexit Insanity!

ITER Project Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Now Estimated To Be Six And A Half Years From First Plasma; Better Funding Would Accelerate Progress!