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Aug 2019

August 24, 2019 WCR

August 26, 2019

Trump Hypes U.S. Economy At G-7, Hiding Massive Failure: Don Has Created 1.5 Million FEWER Jobs Than Mediocre Obama Over Comparable Time Frame; This Includes Labor Department’s “Discovery” That 500,000 Jobs Previously Reported Do Not Exist; Real Average Weekly Earnings In Constant Dollars Are Up Meager 2% Under Trump Regime; This Despite $1 Trillion Yearly Record Deficit As Fiscal Stimulus!
Any Cut To FICA Payroll Tax Is Death Sentence For Social Security And Must Be Fought By Dems; Instead, GOP Should Restore Personal Exemptions Of Over $4,000 Per Person They Stole In December 2017 Tax Scam; More Democratic Candidates Back Away From Bernie Sanders’ Incompetent Distortion Of Medicare For All, Now Emerging As Major Turnoff For Voters;
#ImpeachmentSummer: 133 Dems Now Back Formal Proceedings Against Trump; Alarms Spreads Over Worsening Mental Breakdown; Scaramucci Tells CNN It’s “Early Stage Fascism”