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Aug 2019

August 21, 2019

August 21, 2019

Political Tensions Increase As Trump Gazes Skyward And Proclaims Himself “The Chosen One,” Reviving Discussion Of XXV Amendment Measures To Avoid Catastrophe; Erratic And Messianic Behavior On Many Issues; (Or Did He Mean The “Chosun One,” i.e. Madman Kim’s Pick To Restore The Korean Empire Of Third Millennium BC?)

Greenland Story: Mineral-Rich But Poverty-Stricken Strategic Island Was Made U.S. Protectorate By FDR In 1941-1946 To Prevent Nazi Invasion; Xi’s China Has Been Attempting Takeover Since 2017 As Part Of “Polar Silk Road” Aggression, Stopped Only By Defense Secretary Mattis; Beijing Does Not Consider Huge Ripoffs “Absurd”; British Press Sees Trump’s Attack On Denmark As Service To Putin’s Anti-NATO Campaign;

Trump’s European Clones In Deep Trouble: UK Premier Boris Johnson’s Demands Rejected By Merkel; Macron of France Signals He Will Not Yield; Next Italian Government Will Exclude Would-Be Duce Salvini; He And His Party Will Be Torn Apart By Corruption Probes After Losing Immunity!