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Aug 2019

August 20, 2019

August 20, 2019

Trump Capitulates Once Again To China On Huawei Cartel, Granting 90-Day Reprieve For U.S. Purchases; More Unilateral Concessions Despite National Security Threat; Don Wants Russia Back In G-7; Backs Off Background Checks For Gun Safety; Widespread Speculation That Oval May Be Cracking Under Weight Of Multiple Crises

Italian Government Falls, But Aspiring Dictator Salvini Is Weighed Down By Russiagate; President Mattarella Must Now Choose Between New “Ursula” Majority And Early Elections; Former Premier Renzi Suggests Salvini Wants Emergency Powers To Leave Euro And Join Russian Ruble; Outgoing Premier Conte Tells Salvini He Needed To Defend Himself In Parliament Against Charges Of Illegal Russian Financing; Deputy From Calabria Says Salvini’s Public Toying With Rosary Is Coded Message To The Underworld of The ‘Ndrangheta; UK’s BoJo Attempts Brexit Extortion In Paris And Berlin; Decisive Rebuffs Await Him!