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Aug 2019

August 19, 2019

August 20, 2019

#ImpeachmentSummer: Assistant House Speaker Ben Ray Luhan Of New Mexico Supports Inquiry; Luhan Is Highest-Ranking Democrat To Back Proceedings; 128 House Members Now Demand Impeachment Probe Of Trump!

Rumors Fly That Don Will Back Down On Huawei Sanctions, But He Denies Appeasement Plan; British Bureaucracy Leaks “Operation Yellowhammer” Contingency Plan For No-Deal Brexit; Even Moderate Scenario Entails Catastrophe: Chaos At Ports For 90 Days, Diabetics And Cancer Patients Without Medicine, No Chemicals To Treat Water Supply, Food Inflation And Food Riots, Pound Sterling And City Of London Banks Collapse, Strikes And Food Shortages, Riots Along Ulster Border With Ireland, Clashes Among Fishing Fleets On High Seas, Gibraltar Border Blowup, Family Separations And Deportations On Trumpian Scale!

Hong Kong Turnout For Right To Vote Reaches 2 Million; Trump the Potemkin President Forces Shell Workers Into His Event With Threat Of No Pay; Orchestrated Portland Clashes Planned As Grist For GOP Propaganda Mill Falls Flat As Fascists Are Outmatched By Effective Police Work And Community Mobilization!