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Aug 2019

August 15, 2019

August 16, 2019

Trump Campaign Based On Russian-Style Wedge Issues Used To Divide Identity Groups And Trigger Social Chaos; Democratic Party Success In 2020 Depends On Promoting U.S. National Unity With Constructive Measures To Meet Existential Challenge Posed By Aggressive Dictatorships In China And Russia; A New Sputnik Moment Needed!

Indian Premier Modi Unwisely Abrogates Constitutional Guarantee Of Autonomous Status For Province Of Kashmir; Crisis Involves Three Nuclear Powers; Moslem-Majority Area Has Been Disputed Through Four Indo-Pakistani Wars Since 1947, Despite Multiple UN Security Council Resolutions; 

Brexit Fanatic BoJo May Attempt No-Deal Brexit Via Cold Coup Over Next Ten Days While Parliament Is Still On Vacation; Labour Party Leader Corbyn Proposes Emergency Multiparty Coalition Government To Oust BoJo, Implement Early Elections; Maneuver Could Work If Led By Elder Statesman With Goal Of Second Referendum As Top Priority!