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Aug 2019

August 14, 2019

August 15, 2019

Worst Day Of 2019 On Wall Street As Major Indices Fall 3%; Traders See #TrumpRecession Ahead Due To Inverted Yield Curve As Interest Rates On Short-Term Treasuries Exceed Returns On Longer-Term T-Bonds For First Time Since 2007 On Eve Of Subprime Panic; Massive Flight To Safety As Long Bond Yield Hits Record Low Of 2.015%; Canada And UK Bond Yields Inverted; German 10-Year Rate Goes More Negative!

World Contraction Of Real Economy: After UK, Germany Posts Decline In GDP; China Reports Worst Industrial Production Performance In 17 Years; Macy’s Leads New Phase of Retail Apocalypse; Dow Transportation Stocks Fall On Dwindling Freight Volume;

Frantic Trump Attempts To Blame Fed’s Powell, But Gets Little Traction; Fox Business Talks Need To Fire White House Trade War Hawk Navarro, Hypes Emergency Rate Cut To Prop Up Bubble; Hysteria Of Financial Analysts: “This Time It’s Different”