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Aug 2019

August 13, 2019

August 14, 2019

Trump Reports Beijing Regime Is “Massing Troops On The Border With Hong Kong”; He Grovels In Abject Appeasement, Calling The “Hong Kong Thing … A Very Tough Situation…I Hope It Works Out For Everybody, Including China”; This Greenlights The Looming Crackdown, Making Immediate Impeachment Mandatory; Tax Wall Street Party Calls On Beijing To Refrain From Violent Repression, Grant Freedom Of Assembly And Free Elections!

Benedict Donald In Craven Retreat On Tariff Front, With Duties On Key Chinese Products Delayed Until December 15; Wall Street Comment: “Don Blinked”; Beijing Months Ago Proclaimed “People’s War” Against U.S.!

Anti-Dictatorship Demonstrators Wave American Flag Over Departures Concourse At Hong Kong Airport; Decision On Massive Repression Likely This Week During Summer Gathering Of Communist Bigwigs At Peitaiho Resort; The Tragic Story Of Russia’s Skyfall Nuclear Cruise Missile