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Aug 2019

August 12, 2019

August 13, 2019

Hong Kong Anti-Dictatorship Protesters Block Airport, Defy Tyrant Xi For Tenth Weekend; Beijing Claims U.S. “Rabble Rousers” Are Supporting “Terrorism”; American Diplomat Harassed; State Department Protests “Thugs”; Communists Reportedly Preparing New Tien An Men Massacre By Riot Police; Time To Boycott China;

Are Military Mishaps By-Products Of Breakneck Arms Buildup In China, Russia, North Korea?; UK GDP Goes Negative Due To Brexit; Argentine Peso Collapses -15%; New York Stocks Fall 400 As 10-Year Yield Dips To 1.63%;

Epstein Death Shows Utter Lawlessness Of Trump Regime; Barr Must Take Ministerial Responsibility For Failure Of System He Controls By Resigning Or Be Impeached; White House Attempts Usual Absurd Tactic Of Blaming Clintons!; Role Of Political Assassination In Creating Dictatorship: Matteotti 1924, Kirov 1931, Night Of Long Knives, 1934