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Aug 2019

August 10, 2019 WCR

August 13, 2019

Impeachment Summer!

Latest Nadler Subpoena To White House Lawyer McGahn States “Formal Impeachment Proceeding” Is Already Underway; House Judiciary Committee To Reconvene In August, With Vote On Articles Before End Of Year Likely; Pelosi Leadership On Board; Northern Virginia Moderate Dem Connolly Is Addition To 120 Votes To Probe Don! Time To Confront Your Congressman At A Town Hall Or Demo Near You!
Fascist Wave Rising On Both Sides Of Atlantic: Biggest ICE Raid Terrorizes Central Mississippi Food Workers With Gestapo Tactics; Would-Be Duce Salvini, Facing Charges He Took Russian Cash, Tries Cold Coup To Topple Italian Government; Former Minister Points To Danger Of New Mussolini, Calls On President Mattarella To Mobilize Parliament To Save Democracy; Labour Party’s Corbyn Blasts BoJo For Plans To Dissolve Parliament Under Pretext Of Early Elections, Pushing Britain Into Brexit Abyss; Will Queen Play Ball With Dictatorship?; 
Breaking: Epstein Found Hanged In Cell; Attorney General Barr Must Be Ousted For Failure To Assure Safety Of High-Profile Federal Prisoner In His Custody!