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Aug 2019

August 8, 2019

August 9, 2019

Biggest ICE Raids Ever In Mississippi Are More Evidence of Fascistization Under Current Regime; Trump Still Taking Orders From NRA’s LaPierre On Gun Safety, Despite Internal Conflicts And Scandals; Moscow Mitch Determined To Sabotage Any Reforms!

Biden Issues Realistic Call To Prove Trump Is An Aberration By Denying Him A Second Term – On Pain Of Permanent Grievous Damage to American Life; Correctly Identifies American Creed As Universal Idea; Booker’s Critique Less Effective, Skewed By Howard Zinn’s Discredited Theory Of American History;

In Brutal Power Grab, Would-Be Duce Salvini Tries To Force Parliament To Meet At Once To Vote Out Current Conte Government And Call Snap Elections For October 13; Veteran Observers In Rome See Danger Of Pro-Russian Dictatorship Based On Mussolini In 1930s