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Aug 2019

August 7, 2019

August 8, 2019

On The Brink Of Bloodbath: Beijing’s Top Hong Kong Overseer Zhang Slanders Pro-Democracy Protesters As “Extremely Rampant And Deranged”; Warns That Counterstroke From “The Sword Of Law Awaits Them In The Future”; Beijing Troops “Would Intervene” In Case Of “Disturbance”!

Trump Appeases Xi By Branding Protests As “Riots,” Says Looming Crackdown Is Internal Matter; Xi Fears Backlash On Taiwan In Case Of Massacre; China Trying Blackmail To Force India Into Purchase Of Huawei 5G; Hong Kong Coinage “Add Oil!” Is New Watchword In Fight Against Totalitarian Bullies East And West; 

Almost A Flash Crash In Stock Market; Falling Interest Rates On Treasuries Suggest Great Fear And Flight To Safety; Nomura Sees Possible Repeat of 2008; Warren Buffet May Prefer Cash To Stocks