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Aug 2019

August 6, 2019

August 7, 2019

Beijing Rulers Mass Troops Near Hong Kong In Preparation For Massacre of Mass Movement Of Pro-Democracy Protesters; U.S. Must Issue Solemn Warning That Nuremberg War Crimes Precedents Are Still Valid And Will Be Enforced Against Xi Clique And PLA Officers!

Trump Refuses To Provide For The Common Defense By Disarming Violent Domestic Fascists; #ImpeachmentSummer: Pelosi Ignores Majority Support In Her Caucus For Impeachment Inquiry Despite Trump’s Shameful Behavior After New Round Of Mass Slaughter; Mercenary Media Figures Portray China As Financial Powerhouse, But Beijing Is More A Paper Tiger; Devaluation Of Currency Shows Weakness, Not Strength; Greatest Vulnerability Is Internal Debt Overhang, With Banks Claiming $53 Trillion In Assets Against Just $13 Trillion In Economic Activity; Potential For Internal Breakdown Crisis Evident, Made Worse By Flight Capital And Shortage Of Dollars!