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Aug 2019

August 5, 2019

August 6, 2019

As General Strike Grips Hong Kong, Beijing Devalues Chinese Yuan Below 7 To Dollar; Dow Falls 767, With Monday Evening Futures Pointing To 500 More Points On Downside; Massive Flight Into U.S. Treasuries Drives Interest Rates Down!

Has China Run Out Of Dollars Needed To Prop Up Overvalued Currency They Hoped To Use To Buy Up World?; China Stops Buying U.S. Soy Beans, Putting Iowa In Play In 2020; In Shanghai Talks, PRC Negotiators Had Issued Ultimatum To U.S. To Lift All Tariffs, Stop Fighting Huawei, And Drop Extradition Of Huawei Princess Meng As Price Of Further Negotiations; CNBC’s Kow-Tow To Reds; 

Time For U.S. To Revive Alliances And Lead World-Wide Front Against Chinese Looting; USAF To Deploy Tactical Laser To Fight Drones; New York Post Reports Feds Probing Gang Of Four Mastermind Chakrabarti; Mass Shootings And Fascism; 

Breaking: Beleaguered Tyrant Xi Loses Face As U.S. Treasury Labels China A Currency Manipulator!