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Aug 2019

August 1, 2019

August 2, 2019

Trump Calls Putin But Says He Failed Raise Issue Of Ongoing Russian Attack On U.S. Elections; #ImpeachmentSummer: Ted Deutch And Pete Aguilar Back Inquiry, Bringing Democratic Votes To 119 And Total Anti-Trump Votes To 120

Dow Crashes 600 Points As Trump Announces New Round Of Tariffs Against Beijing In Reaction To Huawei Intransigence; Schumer Correctly Notes “We Have To Be Tough On China”; Powell Of Fed Is Acting As Toady For Trump 2020 Campaign; Democrats Must Demand Fed Serve Whole U.S. Economy With Cheap Credit For Production And Jobs; Recession In Sight!;

Politics Of Fratricide Consumes Democrats, Making Don Big Winner Wednesday Night; Candidates Must Attack Trump, Not Obama Or Each Other; Despite Media Lies, Medicare According To Dogmatic Sectarian Bernie Sanders Is Not Same Thing As Existing Medicare: His Approach Would Risk Chaos For 180 Million Privately Insured, Plus Medicare Advantage, Part D Prescription Benefits, Medigap, And Most Medicaid, Since ALL Involve Private Companies; Pure Single Payer Is A Chimera!