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Aug 2019

July 31, 2019

August 1, 2019

Impeachment Summer: Votes For House Inquiry Reach 118, With 117 Democrats Now Including Engel, Lowey, Wexton, Meng, Crow, and Chu; Steyer Launches TV Ad Based On Highlights Of Mueller Testimony

Behind Trump’s Latest Episode: Cummings Issues Subpoenas For Ivanka, Kushner, and Bannon; Oversight Committee Report Alleges Scheme By Trump Allies To Proliferate U.S. Nuclear Technology To Saudi Arabia For Private Profit; Sanders-Warren Version Of “Medicare For All” Risks Alienating Voters By Stripping Two Thirds Of Americans Of Private Insurance; No Explanations Offered For This Draconian Approach Despite Certainty Of GOP Scare Demagogy; Since Private Insurers Are As Bad As They Say, Why Not Trust Americans To Voluntarily Migrate Into Medicare For All As Public Option Within Obamacare: Let People Vote With Their Feet!; Debate Distorted Failure To Discuss Impeachment