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Jul 2019

July 30, 2019

July 31, 2019

Budget Deal To Avoid Shutdowns And Defaults For Two Years May Be In Trouble At The Hands Of GOP Senate Deficit Hypocrites; Moscow Mitch Is Stalling Vote!

Trump Demands Federal Reserve Make Large Cut In Interest Rates And Stop Quantitative Tightening: His Goal Is Flood Of Low-Interest Hot Money To Keep Speculative Bubble Inflated Through November 2020 Election; Democrats Must Stop Ignoring Fed and Show How A Hamiltonian National Bank Can Produce Credit For Production And Defense!; Hong Kong Opposition Party Demands Universal Suffrage, Freedom Of Information, Freedom of Association: Tyrant Xi Threatens To Send Troops; Main Chinese Demand In Shanghai Trade Talks Is Survival Of Huawei, Leading Edge of Bid For World Domination: Will Don Choose Appeasement To Sell Soybeans?; Moulton Shows Ratcliffe Is Not Qualified; Impeachment Summer: Titus, Serrano, Cleaver, And Eliot Engel Declare For Inquiry, Making 113 Votes Against Trump