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Jul 2019

July 29, 2019

July 30, 2019

Impeachment Summer! With House Members In Districts For Next Six Weeks, Activists Have Decisive Chance To Convince Them That The Time Has Come For Impeachment Inquiry Followed By Early Vote Against Trump! Interventions In Town Hall Meetings Plus Demonstrations And More Are Needed!

New UK Prime Minister “Boris” Johnson Poses As Bumbling Clown, But In Operates As A Cynical Nihilist; His Policies Would Split Off Scotland And Northern Ireland From UK In Case Of No-Deal Brexit; Trump Line About “No Human Being” Wanting To Live In Baltimore Is Straight Fascist Rhetoric Of Untermenschen: Yet Another Reason To Impeach; Dilapidated Kushner Properties In Baltimore Noted For Mice, Mold, And Maggots; Breaking: Nevada Rep Dina Titus Backs Impeachment Inquiry, Bringing Non-Partisan Vote Count To 110; Almost Half Of Democratic Caucus Now On Record For Inquiry!