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Jul 2019

July 27, 2019 WCR

July 30, 2019

Seven House Democrats Declare For Impeachment Inquiry In Wake Of Mueller Testimony, Including Sixth-Ranking Rep. Katherine Clark; 101 House Votes For Impeachment As Of Today; Nadler Committee Cites Impeachment In Subpoena For OSC Documents!
House Members At Home For Six-Week Recess, So Intervene At Town Halls And Set Up Demonstrations Telling Them To Go Back To Washington And Impeach Individual-1; Senate Intelligence Committee Issues Report Showing Russia Hacked Election Systems In All Fifty States In 2016, But Moscow Mitch Blocks Bills For Defensive Measures; All Of Government Approach Needed, But Benedict Donald Knows Only Sabotage; How Long Until Boris Johnson Closes British Parliament To Impose Demands Of Billionaires?; Auto Apocalypse; Epstein Testimony Needed