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Jul 2019

July 25, 2019

July 26, 2019

Trump Clone Boris Johnson Becomes British Prime Minister With Insane Program Of Ignoring Irish Border Issue And Quitting European Union By October 31, Even With No Exit Deal!

Barnier & Juncker Of EU, Irish PM Varadkar Refuse UK Demand For More Concessions; Will Downing Street Seek Early Election Or Send Parliament Home And Rule By Decree?; Scotland Demands Independence Within EU; British Carnage As BoJo Purges Seventeen Cabinet Ministers And Gives Their Posts To Brexit Fanatics And Pro-Thatcher Crackpots; Are Dark Forces Attempting To Silence Jeffrey Epstein To Protect His Former Clients?; Transatlantic Fascism: Barr Wants To Re-Start Federal Executions In December, While BoJo’s New UK Home Secretary Priti Patel Has Backed Restoring Death Penalty; BoJo Prefigured By David Low’s 1930s Cartoon Figure Colonel Blimp: Isolationist, Jingoist, Anti-Democratic, Pro-Appeasement