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Jul 2019

July 24, 2019

July 25, 2019

Mueller Testifies That Trump Is Not Exonerated On Obstruction, That There Was No Hoax Or Witch Hunt, And That Russia Intervened To Help Individual-1; Says Accepting Foreign Campaign Help Is Federal Felony; Pro-Trump Russian Attack On Voting, Counterintelligence Probe Ongoing; 

Mueller Briefly Concedes Trump Would Have Been Indicted For Obstruction But For OLC Memo Banning Indictment Of Incumbent; Perjury Suggested By Trump’s Untruthful Answers To Written Questions With No Interview, No Answers On Obstruction, Many Questions Ignored, And False Answers; GOP Fails To Refute Facts Damning To Trump; Fox News Myths Fall Flat; House Members Leave Town In Days: Opponents Of Dictatorship Must Use Recess Time In Home Districts To Motivate Impeachment Inquiry; 

Trump Raves To Pakistani PM He Could End Afghan War By Killing 10 Million; Claims Absolute Power; North Korea May Have Nuclear Missile Sub; Warning Shots Fired By South Korean Planes Against  Russian AWACS With Chinese And Japanese Aircraft Nearby