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Jul 2019

July 22, 2019

July 23, 2019

Huawei Reported To Use U.S. Technology To Build North Korean Wireless Network; Time For Trump To Quit Appeasing, Shut Down Huawei Cartel!

Iran Claims To Capture A Score Of CIA Assets; U.S. Should Accept Zarif Offer As Basis For War Avoidance Talks; Former Trump Cronies Speculate: Does He Regard Himself As President For Life?; Is Wag The Dog Action Imminent?; Will The Military Go Along?; Suggestion For Sen. Corey Booker: Worse Than Racist Is Fascist; Squad’s Claims Of Socialism Are Fraud: They Demand No Nationalizations, No Expropriations, No State Sector – So Why Put On This Albatross When New Deal Is The Winning Card!; Democrats Must Break With Toxic Anti-American Pseudo-History Of Howard Zinn; Breaking: Elizabeth Warren Warns Of Looming Financial Panic, Should Specify Vital Role Of Nationalized Fed!