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Jul 2019

July 20, 2019 WCR

July 23, 2019

Trump’s Love It Or Leave It Attacks On Ultra-Left Squad Are A Big Lie: He Wants To Build Them Up, Since Demonizing Them Is Key To His 2020 Campaign; Omar Imagines She Is Don’s Worst Nightmare, But He Needs Her Most Of All; Ocasio Postures As Apex Of 240 Years Of U.S. History As Supporters Wonder Where’s The Beef; Identity Group Thinking Threatens To Cripple Dems, Give Trump Nightmare Second Term!
Great Britain Faces Virtual Dictatorship As Boris Johnson Prepares To Take Power As Prime Minister: His Program Is Sending Parliament Home And Imposing Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit By Decree; Not Clear If Emphatic Votes By Lords and Commons This Week Can Stop Him; Will Epstein Become The New Michael Cohen?; Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary Of Apollo 11 By Reviving NASA For Permanent Colonization And Industrial Production On Moon And Mars; No Billionaires Need Apply!