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Jul 2019

July 16, 2019

July 17, 2019

House Votes 280-187 To Condemn Trump’s Vile Tirade Against Four Ultra-Lefts; GOP Reps. Brooks, Fitzpatrick, Hurd, And Upton Ignore Scalise To Defy Tenant Of Oval!

Trump’s Action Was Cynical And Successful Ploy To Rescue The Squad From Increasing Isolation: Because Of Their Unpopularity, Don Wants The Four As The Prominent Public Face Of The Democratic Party For 2020; Ocasio’s Chief Of Staff Chakrabarti Has Provoked Calls For Ouster With Reckless Friendly-Fire Attacks On Pelosi As Ineffective, A Native American Rep As Enabling Racism, And Moderate Dems As Modern-Day Segregationists; Pelosi’s Office Asks “Who Is This Guy?”; Rahm Emanuel Dubs Him A “Snot-Nosed Punk”; New Interest In Chandra Bose, The Pro-Axis Rival Of Mahatma Gandhi And Nehru; The Case Of V.K. Krishna Menon, Who Lectured The West About Colonialism But Then Faced 1962 Invasion By Mao’s China