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Jul 2019

July 15, 2019

July 16, 2019

Trump’s Despicable “Love It Or Leave It” Tantrum Against Ultra-Left House Dems Parodies 1970 Campaign Bullying By Doomed Nixon-Agnew Gang; Regime Said To Unleash Fascist Dragnet Against Immigrants; Scapegoating And Demonization Of Ethnic Groups Are Classic Features Of Fascism!

Democrats’ Needless Infighting Results From Pelosi’s Failure To Focus Caucus On Long Overdue Impeachment Inquiry; Third Time’s The Charm: Congressman Al Green Prepares Yet Another Timely Vote On Impeachment Inquiry; Britain And Canada Condemn Trump; Dems Must Also Advance Mass Traction Economic Reforms For All The People, Including In Form and Language Intelligible To Midwest Blue Collar Industrial Workers; Mueller Should Testify Copiously And Soon; China Posts Worst GDP Result Since 1992 Despite Stimuli: Many Producers Flee To Other Nations To Escape U.S. Tariffs!