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Jul 2019

July 13, 2019 WCR

July 16, 2019

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944: History of Nazi I.G. Farben Oil And Chemical Cartel Reads Like A Crime Novel!

Monopolies And Cartels In The History Of Totalitarian Bids For World Domination: 1930s German Cartels Included Aluminum, Machine Tools, Potash, Aircraft Equipment, Electrical Products, And Many More: Goal Was To Prevent Development Of These Industries In America & Constrict Production So That Weakened Nation Would Lose In Future Military Confrontation; The Lessons For Made In China 2025 And BARF Policies;

Breaking: At G-20, Trump Signals That Ban On U.S. High-Tech Exports To Enable Huawei 5G Dominance Is Merely An Expendable Bargaining Chip To Advance His Primitive Tariff Fetishism; Boss Tweet Too Weak And Greedy To Maintain Principled Line Of National Self Defense!