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Jul 2019

July 11, 2019

July 12, 2019

Another Humiliation For Trump With Collapse Of  Attempt To Distort Census By Adding Citizenship Question Designed To Terrorize Immigrant Communities; GOP Wanted Faked Census To Consolidate Permanent Austerity Dictatorship Over U.S.; GOP Gerrymandering And Demonization Of Immigrants Now Harder; Don’s Packing Of Supreme Court Is Not Producing Desired Results! 

Coming After Epstein-Acosta Debacle, Latest Failure Adds Up To A Very Bad Week For Individual-1; Democrats Should Immediately Set Up A War Room And Deploy Truth Squads To Counter Trump’s Vile Barrage Of Filth, Lies, And Threats; Prof. Shugerman’s Cogent Critique Of Mueller Report Should Inspire Questions For July 17 Testimony; Fragmentation Of OSC Findings Tends To Obscure Causality And Hide Pervasive Election Coordination Of Trump Campaign With Russia!