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Jul 2019

July 10, 2019

July 11, 2019

Fault Lines Deepen In Trump’s Coalition As Real Extent Of Epstein-Acosta Infamy Comes Into Focus; Many Pro-Regime Reactionaries Claim Pedophilia Is Their Breaking Point; New York Times Describes 1992 Party With Trump, Epstein, And 28 Calendar Girls!

Acosta Defies Public In Self-Righteous Press Conference, Blaming State Prosecutors For His Sweetheart Deal; His Cabinet Post Increasingly Untenable; Alt-Right And Alt-Left Devastated By New Report Of KGB Role In Macabre Seth Rich Hoax; Structural Disintegration Of GOP Is Real; Fed’s Powell Grovels For Trump, Promises Easy Money To Enable November 2020 Win; Democrats Must Fight Back With Plan To Nationalize Central Bank In Spirit Of Hamilton’s Bank Of The United States; New Debt Ceiling Crisis Looms In September!