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Jul 2019

July 9, 2019

July 10, 2019

Trump Discovers He Hardly Knew Epstein – Now That He’s In Jail!; Don Fixing To Dump “Great Secretary Of Labor” Acosta As Public Pressure To Oust Him Builds; Pelosi Should Impeach Acosta, Quoting Federal Judge That He Broke Law In Sweetheart Deal Kept Secret From Victims!

Indications That Trump Acolytes Barr And Berman Push Prosecution To Control Epstein’s Testimony Before 2020 Vote; Federal Appeals Panel In New Orleans Eyes Total Destruction Of Obamacare; Success For GOP States Would Reduce 20% Of U.S. Economy To Chaos, With Countless Deaths; A Recent Mirror: The Bush 41-Barr Cleanup Of Iran-Contra Before 1988;

Breaking: Russian KGB-SVR Pioneered Fake Reports That Democratic Staffer Seth Rich Was Murdered To Protect Hillary; Bogus Account Hyped By Kremlin Media, Alt-Right Paranoids, Trump Backers; Russian Meddling Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt!