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Jul 2019

July 8, 2019

July 9, 2019

Trump Hits 47% Approval In Washington Post-ABC Poll; Appalling Result Directly Reflects Sterile Conflict Between Opportunist Pelosi And House Quartet Of Ultra-Lefts; Media Hype Of Kamala Over Biden Also A Negative; Her Policy Is Stripping Private Insurance From Working People While Feigning Free Treatment For Immigrants; Her Position On Busing Identical To Biden’s!

Medicare For All Should Mean An Obamacare Public Option With Voluntary Buy-In At Attractive Prices; “Single Payer” Is Limited To A Very Few Countries; Next Financial Crash Will Bankrupt Many Insurance Companies, Hastening Transition;

Trump-Clinton Crony Epstein Arraigned In Manhattan For Sex Trafficking Of Minors; Fear Grips Corridors Of Power; Democrats Must Impeach Labor Secretary Acosta, Who Broke Law To Give Epstein Sweetheart Deal A Decade Ago!