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Jul 2019

July 3, 2019

July 4, 2019

Public Outrage Against Trump Regime Grows Over Hijacking Of July 4 Celebrations For Tawdry Political Stunt; Tanks In Streets Of The Capital Raise Specter Of Coup In Case Of Impeachment Or Defeat In November 2020!

Heavy Thunderstorms In DC Holiday Forecast May Rain On Don’s Parade; To Break Up Trump Base, Democrats Must Go Beyond Their Identity Groups And Back Programs To Help Stricken White Workers Of Rust Belt And Appalachia; Kamala Discredited By Repeated Flip-Flops On Whether She Would Outlaw Private Insurance As Part Of Medicare For All; New Highs In Stock Market Widely Seen As Bubble Stoked By Easy Money From Fed; Real Economy In Decline; Treasury Yield Stays Inverted;

Breaking: Regime Still Trying In Impose Citizenship Question In 2020 Census!