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Jul 2019

July 2, 2019

July 3, 2019

Trump ‘s Iran Wrecking Op Leaves The Middle East “A Darkling Plain Swept With Confused Alarms Of Struggle And Flight”; Will War Start Under The Current New Moon?

Pence Cancels New Hampshire Trip And Rushes Back To White House; Putin Cleared Schedule To Deal With Fire In Submarine; Oligarchs And Their Meretricious Media Sneer At Hong Kong’s Rebellion Against Xi’s Tyranny; Enforcer Barr Loses Two Big Ones: Regime Drops Hopes To Delay Census, Will Print Forms Without GOP’s Treacherous Citizenship Question; Seattle Judge Blocks Plan To Keep Asylum Seekers In Jail Without Bail Hearings; Trump Rolls Tanks On DC Streets: Dress Rehearsal For An Autogolpe?; In The Roman Triumph, The Victorious General Was Repeatedly Warned By A Slave That He Was Not A God And That All Glory Is Fleeting; Trump Has No Victories And Only Yes-Men Who Won’t Warn Him!