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Jul 2019

Junly 1, 2019

July 2, 2019

Trump Sells U.S. Out To China’s Xi In Colossal Cyber-Munich Over Huawei and 5G; Betrays Allies, But Gets No Concessions; National Security Seen As Bargaining Chip By White House Nihilist!

Don and Kim Stage Inane Dog And Pony Show At Korean DMZ; No Apparent Purpose Beyond Hype Detected; Hong Kong Protesters Briefly Occupy City Council To Protest Legalized Kidnappings Ordered By Tyrant Xi; Democrats Must Demand That Presidential Candidates Condemn Beijing Regime And Threat Of New Tien An Men Repression; TWSP Supports Protesters;

At New York Left Forum, Tax Wall Street Party Presents Strategy For Turning Back Beijing’s Push For World Domination By Outflanking Neo-Maoists On Left With Fed-Financed Marshall Plan As Alternative To Belt And Road Debt Trap; Current Relevance Of I.G. Farben