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Jun 2019

June 27, 2019

June 28, 2019

Warren Foolishly Imitates Bernie ‘s Single Payer Fetishism, Not The Same As Medicare Open To All; Attempting To Strip 180 Million Americans Of Insurance Through Private Companies Is Recipe For Backlash And Another Term Of Trump! 

Successful Transition Should Not Rely On Coercion, But On Voluntary Buy-In Into Enhanced Medicare As Public Option Under Obamacare; Gradual Migration From Private Policies To Medicare Is Key; Coming Financial Crisis Will Bankrupt Insurance Firms, Speed Process; Consumers Need Reassurance On Costs To Them Personally, Not Just Overall Costs Of Healthcare To Society; 

Enter Whining: To Prep For Xi And Putin, Eternal Victim Trump Insults Japanese Hosts, Then Lashes Out At India And Germany!; Putin Claims Liberal Idea Is Dead, While He Presides Over The Demographic Collapse and Depopulation Of Russia; Russian Assets Support Gabbard, Assail Ryan!