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Jun 2019

June 26, 2019

June 27, 2019

Trump Confirms Another Appeasement Meeting With Putin, Asserts Executive Privilege, Arrogantly Telling Americans His Discussions With Kremlin Boss Are “None of Your Business”!; But Are They About His Business?; Tax Wall Street Party Calls For Ban On Trump’s Secret Talks With Putin, Xi, and Other Hostile Leaders Because Of His Manifest Unfitness And Corrupt Intentions!

Needless Deaths Along Mexican Border Caused By “Metering” Of Refugees Stoke Wave of Loathing and Revulsion Against Trump And GOP; Don Blames Democrats; Public Wonders: Does Trump Ever Take Responsibility For Anything?; White House Fears July 17 House Testimony By Mueller And Staff; House Must Cancel Recess, Focus On Impeachment!; Lincoln’s Support For Protective Tariff, 1847